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General Questions

GayStay welcomes a diverse, inclusive community of hosts and guests. However, GayStay is also built on trust, and a shared agreement to create a safe and affirming experience for both parties. All our LGBT vacation rental users must meet our community standards of respect.

Hosts and guests are asked for a few pieces of information before they make a reservation and book their stay.

GayStay’s requirements for creating a host or guest profile include:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Confirmed phone number
  • Profile photo that shows your face
  • Introductory message or greeting through GayStay’s platform
  • Agreement to the host’s house rules
  • Payment information

GayStay requires email and phone verification for all guests. Hosts’ personal details are only shared after a booking has been confirmed. No real email addresses are exchanged, because all host and guest communication takes place on the GayStay platform.

Some hosts may also ask guests to provide a government-issued ID before confirming a booking.

It is currently free to list and rent your home on GayStay. Guests are charged a 15% fee when a reservation has been confirmed.

Creating An Account

Your profile is the best way for other members of the GayStay community to learn more about you before booking your space or agreeing to host you. We require all hosts and guests to upload a clear a profile photo to their accounts before either listing their home or making a reservation.

We’re so glad you asked! An ideal profile includes the following:

  • At least one profile photo—but the more, the better!
  • Multiple verifications and a verified ID
  • A written description of at least 100 words explaining why you decided to join the GayStay community, your interests or hobbies, or anything else you think someone would want to know

Hosting with GayStay

GayStay verifies some information about guests and hosts to help make our community a safe place for LGBTQ+ friendly rentals. That includes requiring a profile photo, confirmed phone number, and confirmed email address. For added security, hosts can also ask potential guests to provide an official ID and, in the near future, complete GayStay’s Verified ID process.

GayStay is working with Proper Insurance to provide a quality insurance product directly to our hosts upon sign up. We also offer 24/7 support via phone, email and chat. Your peace of mind is priceless.

The price you charge for your listing is up to the host. We recommend starting by reviewing comparable LGBT vacation rental listings in the area to get an idea of market prices.

Some hosts choose to incorporate a cleaning fee into their price, or add it the pricing settings. To charge additional fees outside of your rates—including a late check-in fee, pet fee, or bike rental fee—hosts must first disclose these potential charges to guests prior to booking. GayStay is not responsible for the collection of payments on your behalf when these fees are not incorporated into your pricing.

Booking With GayStay

The total price of a reservation via GayStay is based on a few factors.

Costs determined by the host:

  • Nightly price: A nightly rate decided by the host
  • Cleaning fee: A one-time fee charged by some hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their space
  • Extra guest fees: A one-time fee charged by some hosts to cover other costs related to using their space

Costs determined by GayStay:

  • GayStay service fee: Charged for all guest reservations, allowing GayStay to run smoothly and offer 24/7 customer support

Other costs that may be included:

  • Currency exchange fee
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): Tax charged to guests who live in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, South Africa, and Japan (charged as JCT)
  • Local taxes: Any taxes charged based on the location of the host’s listing

Guests may submit a request to a host to book a reservation via the host’s listing page. Guests may also send a message directly to the host to inquire about the listing or its availability. Before submitting a request, guests must agree to the terms determined by the host, including a cancellation policy and house rules.

A host may require that guests complete the Verified ID process before confirming a reservation. This allows the host to get more information about whom they’re hosting.

Hosts have 24 hours to accept or decline reservation requests. Guests will be updated by email about the status of their request. Most reservation requests are accepted within one hour of being received. The vast majority of hosts reply within 12 hours.

When a host confirms a request, guests will be prompted to add a payment source to their reservation. All GayStay payments are processed securely through PayPal or Stripe, which means that hosts and guests never have to deal with money directly.

Community Standards

GayStay will review each matter with discretion. Our responses to violations of our policies are based on the seriousness of the issue. We will strive to take the circumstances of each situation into account when reaching our enforcement decision, but we have limited discretion in our response to serious violations.

If a guest does not obey a host’s house rules, the host can ask the guest to leave and contact us via customer support immediately.  The host can then discuss the situation with our team, and come to a resolution.

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