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August 6, 2018

Harlem Guide


Dripping with artistic work and a strong sense of community, Central Harlem boasts its love for music, food, and culture, while maintaining more affordable residential options.

Boarded by Harlem River to the North, Central Park to the South, Fifth Avenue to the East, and Edgecombe Avenue to the West, Central Harlem offers its residents a taste of the many things Manhattan has to offer.


One of the many things that residents love about Central Harlem is its accessibility to virtually any area of the city. With the (2, 3, A, B, C, & D) subway lines providing easy access in and out of Central Harlem, never be late to a friend’s birthday party in Chelsea again (but you probably will). However, while vertical travel throughout Central Harlem is relatively easy, horizontal travel is nonexistent (unless you own a reindeer).

For bus travel, the (M2, M7, M10, M102) will be there when the (2 & 3) subway trains are not (which will happen). However, similar to the subway lines, horizontal bus travel is down to the good old ten two (ten toes two feet).


While Central Harlem has gone through several community developments since its inception, there are still many long terms residents who know the full colorful history of the neighborhood. You’ll see these residents sitting walking around Central Harlem’s beautiful parks or simply enjoying some tea at a chic new cafe. Younger professionals love the neighborhood’s cultural energy. With several scenic plazas, art galleries, and historical landmarks, old and young residents will always have something exciting to do in the neighborhood.

Restaurant & Bars

Diverse culture, in your face attitude, and rich history. All these describe Central Harlem, but what does this mean for its food? Well, prepare for a flavor explosion because it is coming. Coming in at our top restaurant in Central Harlem, the Red Rooster (what a great name) serves food that satisfies on a “visceral level” as reported by a reviewer. The sheer fact that the restaurant is packed every night says a lot. The best item has to be the Bird, Gravy & Waffle. What is it? Well, it’s a crispy chicken thigh, Aleppo gravy, and bourbon syrup, of course. The perfect combination of tastes and textures, enjoy this truly amazing experience. Another amazing restaurant is Sylvia’s. Don’t let the simple title fool you, this restaurant serves complex dishes such as the World Famous Bar-B-Que, which should make your mouth salivate as you read it.

When it’s the end (or beginning) of the night and you find yourself completely sober then let’s change that. Central Harlem is the best place to not think straight. Our favorite has to be 67 Orange Street. Inspired by Almack’s Dance Hall, this bar has a certain vintage look and serves old fashioned drinks. For classics, we always go with a glass of neat (not dirty) cognac that will hit you hard but make you reconsider what alcohol actually is. However, if cognac doesn’t fit your palate then Bier Internation will surely suffice. For those who just can’t decide on a favorite drink, then the Bier Grand Sampling is the one for you. With a choice of any 5 draft beers, order it and then learn to cope with your decision as you’re on beer 3.


Central Harlem boasts the fun nightlife that Manhattan offers with a relatively affordable market. The median rental price comes out to be around $2,222 while the median sale comes out to be $865K. This is a stark contrast to Manhattan’s $5,050 for median rent and $1.2M median sale. What does this mean? If you’re looking for a vibrant night scene that rivals Manhattan’s then Central Harlem is the place.

Final Verdict

Central Harlem is full of history. As a constantly changing neighborhood with an eclectic mix of cultures, Central Harlem was not the same 50 years ago, and in another 50 years, it will probably be drastically different again. Come to Harlem for the affordable rental market and gorgeous parks then stay forever as you get lost searching through all the art galleries and historical landmarks.


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