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August 3, 2018

New York City Travel Visit Tips

Via Thrillist

New York has exactly five seconds to indulge your Eat Pray Love fantasies. You done? Cool, now careen through a beautifully unpredictable city that invites you to find someone who’s wrong for you in just the right way. Pretty much anything goes in this town stocked with top dogs who long ago decided that if you don’t fit inside the box, you might as well climb on top of it and have a good look around. If you’re here, the eyes are on you, too, so own it. Be brash, be loud, be flirty, be musical, be alert. Try on a taboo or two. As part of the street parade, you gotta bring the you-est you you’ve got. Go big or go home. Or go even bigger and move here. Nothing but basic sanity is stopping you.

What no one tells you when you arrive is that, as a visitor in New York, you’ve got it made. The natives are rat-racing around, too busy to indulge in the many treasures just under our noses. You, the out-of-towner, get to experience the city that we have to rush past in order to afford rent. You get the lunch special at the dandiest restaurant, whereas us working stiffs can’t get a seat for dinner. You can waltz into a bar and actually chat with the bartender before it’s swarmed by the eight-to-sixers. You get the Planetarium, the Russian & Turkish baths, the Koreatown spas, and the lawn at Bryant Park, barefoot, sipping rosé from the 40oz bottle you’ve tucked into a brown paper bag. You get the one thing no one else has here: a chance to relax.

New Yorkers, Perpetually Surrounded by Problems and Obstacles, Will Help You Solve Yours

These streets may seem pinball-esque and overpriced and chaotic, but the city has never been safer, so go as slow as you want. Any average weekday hour here is worth its weight in weekend. And one weekend? It’ll leave you with as many stories as you’d get in a whole month back home. We’re going to help you write your own New York story with this, Thrillist’s sixth DestiNATION Guide (love u, NOLA, San Diego, Miami, Austin, and Vegasbabyvegas). We call New York City home, and with the help of our trusted local writers, we’re steering you towards NYC’s most exceptional foods and iconic establishments, the greatest bars and buzzed-about restaurants, the finest in our diverse international foods and the best foodie day trips within the city. Then we’ll take you to a Broadway show on the cheap, through (and past) our most infamous tourist attractions, show you our favorite deep-cut tourist-free spots and the best shopping, then give your wallet a break with the best free stuff. We’ll save you from common visitor mistakes, help you decipher local etiquette, and let you into the mind of a Brooklynite who never, ever saw himself moving here, until he did. Which, in its way, is the oldest New York story in the book.

New Yorkers are professional restaurant-goers. But ask a local where to eat, they’ll reply “Uhhh… ” in robot mode. Ask them where they eat, and you’re golden. Pastrami and pizza are absolute, non-negotiable must-trys, and the world’s most gleeful melting pot attracts an avalanche of incredible international recipes you’d be remiss not to sample. Restaurants without some element of greatness — price balanced with ambiance, location, innovation, personality, cool staff, speed, quality — quickly get swallowed by exorbitant rent. The survivors are doing something right. Since nobody is shackled to a car, patrons and bartenders know that “one for the road” is merely an expression. So drink up. Often, the finest bars aren’t the most expensive; the cheaper the drinks, the more likely people are there to talk to other people. Check out, for instance, 169 Bar, a New Orleans-inspired joint with a groovy funk-soul-jazz soundtrack, raw oysters, and the ultimate happy hour: beer/shot combos for $3 till 7:30. The Dublin House — the last of the Upper West Side’s archetypal, neighborly Irish pubs — has opened its doors at 8am since before Prohibition. Clockwork is a reinvented, narrow punk rock bar where DJs spin classic 45s — don’t ask anyone to play the Ramones. The classic Hell’s Kitchen holdout Rudy’s Bar & Grill is your evolved speakeasy with cheap pitchers and free hot dogs. And those are just off the top of our head. Every New Yorker has their favorite go-tos; all you gotta do is ask.


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